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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a BIA?
    A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association of business and property owners who work together to support growth and development on their main street. All BIA's ultimately have the same goal – to increase traffic and sales in their local business district through the co-operation of each and every BIA member business and property owner.
  • What does a BIA do?
    A BIA has three main objectives; 1) Oversee improvement, beautification and maintenance projects within the public realm beyond standard City-wide services 2) Promote the area as a business or shopping area through marketing and events 3) Advocate on behalf of the membership and communicate potential opportunities and challenges A BIA does not; Focus on projects that provide support to non-members, are not related to the BIA’s interest or fall outside the boundaries. We do not provide opportunities or services which would exclusively benefit one member such as consultancy, investments on private property, business loans etc.
  • How is a BIA funded?
    The majority of the BIAs programs are funded by a special levy paid by all commercial properties within the BIAs boundaries. The levy amount is decided annually at the BIAs Annual General Meeting whereas the members decide which programs/services to fund for the upcoming year. BIAs can also apply for grants offered by all levels of government or private institutions, and generate revenue through its programming to supplement its operations. BIAs can also cost-share any improvements to the public realm made within the BIA with the City. BIAs operate as a non-profit whereas all revenues are invested back into the area to promote a vibrant main street.
  • I am a Business Owner. How do I find out if I am a member of the BIA?
    All businesses and commercial properties within the Weston Village BIA boundaries are automatically members of the BIA and can take advantage of its benefits. See below our boundaries to see if you are within the BIA:
  • I have an online/home based business in the BIA. Am I a member?
    No, only businesses who lease or own commercial property within the BIA boundaries are members.
  • How can I become a member of the BIA?
    If you are outside of the BIA boundaries or do not lease/own commercial property, there is no opt-in option to the BIA as per City of Toronto bylaws Chapter 19. However, the BIA does, on occasion, offer opportunities for the business community at large to participate in our programs with a specified fee. For example; event vendors, advertising spots, sponsorship. You can contact us for any opportunities
  • I have a complaint about a business. Can the BIA help?
    We are happy to pass along your concern to the business, however the BIA does not get involved in mitigation or have the authority for enforcement. We recommend complaints be directed to 311 Toronto or an other appropriate authority
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