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2023 Annual General Meeting


occurred on


Date: Wednesday November 15th, 2023 

Location: Weston Park Baptist Church Meeting Hall – 1871 Weston Rd (basement)

Time: 6:30 PM

The purpose of this meeting was to approve the BIA’s budget and proposed activities for 2024. This program is paid for by a special levy charged to commercial and industrial property owners and non-residential tenants of such properties.  As a BIA member, the best way to participate in a BIA’s decisions is to get involved.  A copy of the complete proposed budget and audited financial statement that was discussed is available below for download.


Voting and Pre-Registration:  The BIA Annual General Meeting took place in-person at the Weston Baptist Church Meeting Hall (1871 Weston Rd).   Registration was required to vote.  


Annual General Meeting Procedures: To attend, pre-registration was required.  If you are a voting member, we had subsequently contacted you for proof of BIA membership (photo ID and either a business card, utility bill with business name/tenant name and address, or City of Toronto property tax bill).  Per The City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 19, Business Improvement Area, only members of the BIA and their legal representatives (proof required) are eligible to vote at the AGM.  A "person" is defined by Chapter 19 to include "a corporation and the heirs, executors, administrators or other legal representatives of a person to whom the context can apply according to the law." No person in attendance shall have more than one vote.


Board of Management Vacancy: We currently have one vacancy on the board. If you are interested in being part of the Board for the remainder of the current term, you can express your interest before or during the AGM. Please e-mail for more information.


AGM Notice - Download
AGM Booklet - Download

Weren't able to attend? You can listen to the meeting recording below. 

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